Federation of Old Cornwall Societies

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Our History

A memory-jerker of our major events across the years


Photographs and reports submitted by our members



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2014 Mid-Summer Bonfires 2014 Summer Festival 2013 Winter Festival 2013 FOCS President AGM Report 2013 Grand Bard OCS Winter Festival speech 2013 Summer Festival Grand Bard speech 2014 Par OCS Great War Exhibition 2013 Summer Festival 2013 Mid-Summer Bonfires 2009 Winter Festival 2009 Summer Festival 2009 Mid-Summer Bonfires 2010 Winter Festival 2010 Summer Festival 2012 Winter Festival 2007 Summer Festival 2011 Summer Festival 2011 Winter Festival 2013 Summer Festival (Journal item) 2014 Crying the Neck 2012 Summer Festival 2014 Winter Festival 2015 St Piran's Celebrations Crying the Neck St Columb by Phil Ellery St Columb OCSsummerfest_022 hh A fiery slice of St Ives - Midsummer Bonfire 2015 2015 Summer Festival Tansys Golowan St John’s Eve Bonfire at Kit Crying the Neck - St Ives 2015 by Tony Mason 2015 Crying the Neck 2015 Winter Festival 2015 Mid-summer Bonfires 2016 St Piran's Celebrations 2016 Mid-summer Bonfires 2016 Summer Festival 2016 Winter Festival 2017 St Piran's Celebrations 2017 Summer Festival

Past Presidents


E Blight

Revd B Coombes

Mrs H M Derrington MBE

S G Howlett

Mrs N Glanville

Dr A K Hamilton Jenkin

R G Jenkin

H Jenner FSA

Revd B Kinsmen

T Knight

A J Lyne

Duncan Paul Matthews

F Michell

H Miners

R M Nance

R Opie

A Pearson

Miss J Rendell MBE

J N Rosewarne

Dr W J Rowe

J A Shearme

A Spiller

W M Symons

M Tangye MBE

D A Trevanion

G Pawley White

R Woolcock

C Woolf

2017 Mid-summer Bonfires 2016 Crying the Neck 2017 Crying the Neck 2017 Winter Festival 2018 St Piran's Celebrations