Federation of Old Cornwall Societies

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Objectives of the Old Cornwall Society


Old Cornwall societies and their members:


•Collect, record and publish information regarding Cornish history, place-names, folk-lore, traditions, dialect, music, industries etc.

•Protect the natural beauty of Cornwall.

•Encourage the study and use of the Cornish Language.

•Preserve Cornish Antiquities and relics of the past.


This is a very wide-ranging remit but, in summary, it is about collecting, recording and sharing the remaining fragments of our history and culture – to “Gather ye fragments that are left that nothing be lost”.



Old Cornwall Societies


The societies are autonomous in that they have their own structure, formulate their own programme, set their own subscription and have their own membership.


Each of the 40 plus societies has a section on this Cornwall-wide website and most use it to display their programme, their subscription level and details of where and when they meet.



Joining an Old Cornwall Society


Membership is open to all whatever your age and whether or not you have Cornish ancestry; we welcome all who care about Cornwall’s distinctiveness.


The benefits can best be experienced by joining a society which will entitle you to attend lectures and other Cornish events and to interact with like-minded people whose aim is preserve what we hold dear about Cornwall.


Joining an Old Cornwall Society couldn’t be easier.


•Choose which society you would like to join (probably the one nearest to you)


•Go along to the next meeting where you will be given a welcome


You may wish to make contact prior to attending and you can do this by using the details on that Society’s website page. A Membership Officer may be listed but, if not, then the Secretary will be pleased to help.




The Federation of Old Cornwall Societies


The Federation is a Cornwall-wide management body linking the societies and providing them with a lead on matters of common interest and activity. It holds festivals which are open to all members and its recorders provide a pivotal role on Cornish archaeology, dialect, history, music, and place names.  


Should you wish to contact any member of the Cornwall-wide Executive, including the Federation President, their names and contact details are included under the main website heading of "Contacts".


Membership of OCS


Federation of Old Cornwall Societies



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