Federation of Old Cornwall Societies

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Liskeard Old Cornwall Society




President: Brian Oldham


Secretary:  Zac Leon


Treasurer: Mrs Brenda Furse


Recorder: Recorder: Mrs Paula Arthur


Archivist: Mrs Jackie Jenkins


Committee: Mrs P Arthur / Miss R Breen / Mrs B Furse / Mr D Howard / Mrs J Jenkins / Miss D Lobb /

Mrs H Medlen / Mr J Rapson / Mr Z Leon



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Friday   13 Apr 18    Daffodills - Jo Totterdell (St Dominick)


Friday   11 May 18    Annual Social with Ilow Splann


Thursday 14th June 10.30am to 12.00 noon, Coffee Morning


 Saturday 23rd June 6.30pm at Bolitho Farm, Midsummer's Eve Bonfire


Meetings held in the Public Hall, Longroom at 2.30pm each second Friday in the month.



Reports and Photographs


February Meeting























March Meeting


Despite the miserable weather a good size  audience heard the fascinating tale of a Liskeard Union Workhouse Resident who had sailed to the Artic in HMS Resolute in search of Sir John Franklin's ill fated ships, lost in their quest to locate a North West Passage. The Resolute became ice-bound and was abandoned by the crew, including Liskeard man George Lower. An American whaling ship discovered the Resolute some years later and towed it back their home port, where it was refitted and returned as a good will gesture to Queen Victoria. The timbers from the Resolute were eventually used to make several desks, one of which was presented to the US President and is still in use in the Oval Office to this day. Researched and presented by Liskeard OCS archivist Jackie Jenkins.  


















Founded: 1928


Colours: Black, Red & Gold

Liskeard new Liskeard OCS Records The Parade, Liskeard. 1930s (Liskeard OCS) Liskeard 1910

Barn Street 1910

Liskeard - Temperance Hotel Liskeard early 1890s

Early 1890s

Above: Liskeard OCS contingent outside Truro Cathedral on St Piran's Day. A bit wet, but a brilliant day, thank you Truro OCS.


Below: Liskeard OCS President looking forward to his free pasty and saffron cake (provided by Waterstones and caught on ITV Regional News).

DSC02961 DSC02962


Scroll down for more photos and St Piran's Day Celebrations

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