Federation of Old Cornwall Societies

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Liskeard Old Cornwall Society




President: Brian Oldham


Secretary:  Zac Leon


Treasurer: Mrs Brenda Furse


Recorder: Mrs Paula Arthur


Archivist: Jackie Jenkins


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Meetings held in the Public Hall, Emily Hobhouse Room at 2.30pm each second Friday in the month.





































































Founded: 1928


Colours: Black, Red & Gold

Liskeard new Liskeard OCS Records


Well worth popping down to the Pipe Well to view the wonderful new information board with major input from the Liskeard OCS archive.

Liskeard Pipe Liskeard OCS Celebrates its 90th

Bay Tree Hill

Awen Ceremony at Duloe Stone Circle  

On Sunday Morning 23rd June Liskeard OCS were honoured to have played a part in the Gorsedh Kernow Ceremony of the Awen at Duloe Stone Circle. To symbolise the passing of knowledge from older to younger members of the Community, we were happy to nominate two elders, two youngsters and two Traffic Controllers to take part in this grand Ceremony.


Awen Children Awen Elders Awen

"The Liskeard OCS Summer Outing this year gave us the opportunity to have a tour of the home of Bishop Trelawny who we sing of at our monthly meetings. Guided by LOCS member Carole Vivian, the history of the house and the family came to life. A superb cream tea and a stroll round the gardens of the Barton ended a perfect afternoon. Many thanks to Carole."

Liskeard at Trelawne Liskeard

Crying the Neck, Saturday 24 August  at 6.30 pm


A big MEUR RAS to all those who helped us keep the ancient Cornish tradition of Crying the Neck alive and well on Saturday (the 40 saffron buns were just enough to go around). To those who missed the event; see you next year?


The town of Liskeard has a strong tradition of keeping our ancient ceremonies alive; Beating the Bounds, St Mathews Fair, Mayor Choosing, Midsummer's Eve Bonfire, Mayor's Civic Service to name a few.


One of the oldest is Crying the Neck, a celebration of the thanksgiving of the harvest steeped in legend and mythology as a fertility rite since crops were first grown. This year the celebration was held at Bolitho Farm, Liskeard, Pl14 3GR on Saturday 24th August


The proceedings were in Cornish and English and end with traditional harvest songs.

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"What does Liskeard OCS do?"


An exhibition entitled "What does Liskeard OCS do?" was held during November in Stuart House, Barras Street, where Charles I stayed for several nights during the Civil War. Residents and visitors were surprised to discover the ways in which we gather the fragments of Liskeard Heritage so that none be lost.

Liskeard Exhibition 1 Liskeard Exhibition 2 Liskeard programme 2020-21