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The Organisation for those who love Cornwall

'Kuntellewgh an brewyon eus gesys na vo kellys travyth'

(Gather up the fragments that are left that nothing be lost)


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The Federation of Old Cornwall Societies is a  Registered Charity  No. 247283



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Taves an Tir No. 15 Cornish News NZ Summer 2016 N Z Soc of Geneologists June 2016 NZ Cornish Assoc May-Jun2016 May Cannan (Bert Biscoe) Truro Railway Station - David Teagle

OCS Federation Events


Saturday 14th October 2017: AGM & Autumn Meeting, Lys Kernow, Truro


Saturday 4th November 2017: FOCS Winter Festival, Redruth,


All members of OCS are entitled to attend these festivals and meetings

Saturday 2nd September 2017: Open Gorsedh, Launceston

2nd - 5th November 2017: Lowender Peran at the Hotel Bristol, Newquay

Nicknames Cornwall’s Regimental Museum Dickie Dunstan and The Cure Cornwall by Paul Phillips Lyonesse by Michael Gardner My Young Man's A Cornishman by Charles Causley Listen to each Cornish name The Cornish Pixey adapted by Paul Phillips 4th November Winter Festival at Redruth (2) Richard Trant Memorial Award Haunted by Paul Phillips Find a Speaker Gallipoli Poem from Australia 112 Working at St Piran Oratory Trevor Smitheram Rewarded Hayle OCS on the up London Cornish Summer Mid-Summer Bonfires St Agnes Sunset Voices of Cornwall Membership - Newquay's Answer


Cornish Buildings Group

Cornwall Archaeological Society

Cornwall Assoc of Local Hist

Cornish Culture Association

Cornwall Heritage Trust

Cornish Language Partnership

Cornwall Records Office

Cornish Studies Library

Gorsedh Kernow

Heritage Kernow

Institute of Cornish Studies

Maga Kalendar

Trevithick Society

World Heritage Society

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Tintagel - OUR Heritage Cornish Assoc. NSW June-July 2017 Kevren July 2017

Lost Property

From the Recorder's Day - a waxed cotton bush type hat in a fetching brown

From The Summer Festival at Padstow - two material covers for Banners


2017 Mid-summer Bonfires P1050628 (1)


14th to 19th August 2017 Memories of Liskeard Exhi Ballarat August 2017