Federation of Old Cornwall Societies

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The Federation of Old Cornwall Societies


Some ideas about the FOCS competitions


The Object


The object of the FOCS competitions is to encourage society members to work together in compiling their local history before the fragments are lost forever.  However entries can be submitted from just a single member or a society providing there is only one entry per society.

We are currently asking members to record their local history over successive decades and the next competition is:


The 70’s in (your area)


where (your area) should be replaced by the district of the local OCS.  E.g.

The 70’s in Truro

Societies are given approximately three years from the closing date of the previous competition.


The closing date for this competition is the Spring General Meeting, 2018


Members are asked to record:

Their personal recollections of their lives and events in the area;

Events from their local society records;

Photographs of local events and historical records, etc..


Therefore all members can make a contribution through research even though they may not have been resident in “the area” at the time.


We need to supply the competitors and judges with an assessment plan which should include credit for the scope, quantity and quality of the entry.


Most of the marks should be awarded for content.  


Marks should be awarded for:

Document presentation; e.g. in an appropriate folder; outside description (title, society)

Range of topics

Coverage over the decade



Ivor Corkell

June 2016