Federation of Old Cornwall Societies

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Carnon Downs OCS



Chairman and Librarian: Lewis Hocking  01872 863630


Vice Chairman: Martin Hughes


Secretary: Yvonne Frankson


Treasurers: Barry & Kate Gaskill


Recorder: Phil Davey  01872 865400








PROGRAMME 2018/2019


Meetings are held at Carnon Downs Village Hall on the first Tuesday of each month,

Commencing at 7.15 p.m. Subscriptions £7.50, visitors £2.00





2nd  April

AGM – bring and share supper








Old Cornwall Society

Dolly Pentreath  from Mousehole, reputed to be the last person whose native language was Cornish, was the subject of a fascinating account of her life and the Cornish language  given by Dr Jan Pentreath who also came from Mousehole. Dolly was a Cornish fishwife who tramped her fishy wares around Penwith and Penzance where she gained the reputation of being the last fluent native Cornish speaker, though she may well not have been. It is said that she sold fish by ‘gabbling’ in Cornish. Opinion is also divided about how much Cornish she could actually speak - though everyone agreed she could swear in Cornish.

The tale that she lived to 102 is purely based on a rhyme from a poem and is not true. There is no record of when she was born, only of her baptism in 1692 and her death in 1777. Strangely no burial of the unmarried Dorothy Pentreath is recorded, but it has been argued that this appears in the parish register under the name of Dolly Jeffery, which is suggested to be the surname of her son's father. Dolly was buried at Paul and there were 8 chosen fishermen bearers  who drank a bottle of gin when carrying the coffin up Paul Hill. In 1860 a monument in her honour was set in the churchyard wall.  Dr Pentreath was thanked by the Chairman Lewis Hocking.

The next meeting of the Society will be on Tuesday November 6th when Gary Mitchell from Portmellon will be continuing his Boatbuilder’s Story. Meetings are held in the Village Hall commencing at 7.15pm with doors open from 6.45pm. Annual  subscriptions £7.50 Visitors £2.00. All are welcome





















Founded: 1963


Colours: Black & Scarlet

Carnon Downs Blacksmith's shop 1940s  (1)

Blacksmith's Shop 1940s